Father’s Day steak + smoker

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Meals and snacks are on the agenda this summer so why not start with a perfect grill opportunity followed by easy and fast snacks on the go. Whether a round of golf or poolside, jerky and pepperettes have a role! 

What to choose for dad?

Burgers (4 x 6oz) are easy and perfect for on the go!

Rib eye steaks come in a pack of 2 and are mouth watering (and a crowd pleaser)! 

UPGRADE your rib eye for a bone in in eye TOMOHAWK! This is your big “cave man” BBQ king option! 

Short Ribs are great option and encouraged to use with a rub or by marinating for a more tender outcome.  


Pepperettes - 10/pk - valued at $9

Beef Jerky - valued at $13.00

Burgers - valued at $10.50

Rib steaks- valued at $30

Half rack short Ribs - valued at $6

tomahawk 1.5+ inch thick - valued at $38