Conservationist Of The Year Award

With immense gratitude, we accepted Conservationists Of The Year Award from The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). With the support of our family and groups like ABCA, we are able to sequester more carbon, reduce erosion and build healthier soils and thus, food. 

The big picture ecosystem is extremely important to us but not without considering the smaller, but no less important, elements. As we take additional steps to improve our mini-ecosystem on the farm, we continue to attend conferences and educate ourselves. Our aim is to challenge our thought processes and management decisions and to include unique or creative strategies moving forward. Michael is the key driver in all of these actions and should be recognized as such. Without his drive and determination we would not be where we are today in these efforts. (Lindsay writing here, so this is legit I promise!)

We are so grateful to have customers and followers like you to support us through this journey. We truly thrive off of your positive feedback and encouragement. What’s more, many of you have offered opportunities as podcast guests, sent us applications of interest and other resources that we may not have otherwise come across. These quick emails and messages are incredibly humbling as we see that you have investment in our actions and results as well. It’s truly heart warming!!

A few paragraphs from one article:

“Ausable Bayfield Conservation [ABCA] presents Conservationist of the Year Award, to Michael and Lindsay Groot and family, at Partner Appreciation Evening held on March 21, 2024 at Ironwood Golf Club; The Crediton-area family has planted thousands of trees, improved management of runoff and erosion, created wildlife habitat

Why are healthy soils important? “On our working landscape, healthy soils are extremely important to healthy water and healthy watersheds,” he said. Healthy Soils “hold more water, they filter more water. Of course, there are other benefits to growing food and raising livestock.” He also praised the Groot family for sharing information with peers in the industry through tours at the farm and by speaking at workshops. “I’m not sure how they do it all, but I’m sure it’s because of their passion for the environment and their community and I’m so glad we’re able to recognize their efforts,” he said.

The Groot family received congratulatory certificate of recognition scrolls presented on behalf of: Ben Lobb, MP, Huron-Bruce; Lisa Thompson, MPP, Huron-Bruce; Lianne Rood, MP, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex; John Nater, MP, Perth-Wellington; and Matthew Rae, MPP, Perth-Wellington.

Michael and Lindsay and family have planted thousands of trees. They have improved the management of runoff and erosion and created habitat for wildlife. They have established about 5.5 kilometres of new windbreaks on three farm properties. They have moved from conventional tillage to no-till. Through no-till crop management, they help to keep soil undisturbed in order to keep erosion in check and keep soil structure and root systems intact. They have made extensive use of cover crops as well. “

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