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Environmental Impact (zero waste mission)

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At Wholesome Pastures we strive to reduce waste while achieving a diverse ecosystem. 

What we've done:

In the past 4 years we've planted over 1,000 trees as wind breaks for erosion control as well as habitat for wild animals. 

We keep our own stock of animals to grow our herd and keep shipping emissions very low. This means the majority of animals on our farm are born and raised on our farm. The males bought in are for genetic variability and are purchased locally (usually within 3 hours of our farm). When our animals are sent for butcher, they are sent to our local abattoirs - 15 km away. 

Recycling - we have grown our product to include skin care in which we use compostable lip balm tubes and reusable packaging for creams. The containers are sterilized and reused for future product.

Reduced Waste - Making dog treats from chicken remains and offering sheepskins ensures we are keeping more 'waste' as usable and sustainable product. What better way is there to honour an animals life than to ensure every usable piece is put to work? Plus, who doesn't like the feeling of a cozy sheepskin? Sustainable - absolutely. 

We graze our livestock on pasture from spring until fall and, including the winter when the weather permits. Although winter grazing poses challenges in a Northern Climate, we are committed to a management system that optimizes environmental impact and livestock health. In the winter, our cattle continue to eat greens but in a fermented form - baled and wrapped from our fall harvest. They are never fed corn.

We use cover crops to optimally sequester atmospheric carbon and bring it back to the soil to feed the earths microbes -> plants -> animals -> us. These covercrops also reduce erosion as they keep the soil structure in tact with their mature and prolific rooting systems, left undisturbed by our no-tillage management, further keeping erosion in check! Thus, our carbon footprint is kept low.

Our short-term goal is to have a composting program with community partners, more than our present on farm manure system. 

At Wholesome Pastures we recognize that even small changes can create noticeable outcomes. Our goal is for maximum benefits in the longterm. 

We hope that you can learn and improve along with us! 

 Check out our involvement with The Ontario Soil Network Road Trip here!

Our ability to create goods locally has allowed us to be recognized with the Ontario Made program which you can find more about here. This is another way we are able to keep emissions and carbon low, by partnering with and supporting our local experts!

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