Tallow Whip

Tallow Whip

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Tallow - no stinging. no preservatives. baby safe.

Our tallow oil comes from our farm and is rendered by our family.

Simple and natural ingredients. So safe, you could eat it.

Adding the advantage of essential oils of influence will give you a clean product that you can feel safe applying from cheek to cheek - adult or baby.

Rich in vitamins A, D, E + K, antioxidents + more, its properties closely relate to our skin sebum and our body happily accepts it.



  • all skin types
  • check to cheek
  • dry + irritated 
  • eczema/psoriasis
  • stretch marks
  • diaper rash (baby whip)
  • hair frizz and dry ends

Other use: the tips of your hair or flyaways; oil cleansing for make-up removal


Blends: All scents made with essential oil 

  • Lavender
  • Baby Whip - made up of the same ingredients but with a reduced concentration of lavender essential oil. Lavender EO is calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic + anti-fungal
  • Unscented/Bare - pure tallow and olive oil. A mild scent of the natural tallow will be evident. 


Tallow Whip Ingredients:

  • 100% tallow oil
  • (optional) essential oil

To extend the shelf life, store this is a cool dry place - even in the fridge.

The animal's life is honoured by its use and we strive to reduce waste + keep our carbon footprint minimal, as the animal never travels more than 15km from home. Add on the use of covercrops and no-til, this is as sustainable and local as it gets!


Choose from;
1oz for a travel size,
2oz regular or
6oz if you go plan on using it from head to toe or sharing with the family!


Although we aim to be consistent, given that it is small batch there may be some variability but we will do our best to have consistency!


Our tins and jars are recyclable and we ask that they are either returned to us for cleaning and reuse or placed into the recycling system from your home. 


Our products are also based on the turnover of beef we have. The more meat we sell - the more skin care we can make! 

*Not prepared in appropriate food prep space, so eating it is a joke but, it's truly that safe yet, not recommended.