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Regenerative + Holistic Approach

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We utilize Regenerative Grazing Practices and take a Holistic approach to manage the six species of livestock that roam and thrive at Wholesome Pastures; beef, sheep, duck, meat chicken, laying hens and bees. You can find us on the Regneration Canada, a regenerative farm map of Canada.

We are committed to providing our animals with a healthy life as well as a meaningful and dignified death. This is why we aim to use everything from nose to tail

Mono-culture confinement farming is a very efficient system to produce mass amount of food products. The problem with this system however, is the detriment to the health of the planet and the soil that we depend on for survival. With this style of farming (which we are still transitioning ourselves from) is an impractical impersonation of the natural environment - you just don't see it in nature. You are constantly fighting against Mother Nature by throwing chemicals or other devastating practices at which ever problem you have brought upon yourself.  

The system we are working towards recognizes the ways in which all species are interconnected and how we have to look beneath the soil as much as we need to focus on the quality of food on our plate. They naturally thrive together.

Our rotational arrangement consists of the sheep flocks grazing pastures that the cattle have previously visited. Chickens are amongst the pasture and are free range to wander where they please and work through (scratching and pecking) older ruminant manure to find larvae and bugs. In turn, chickens excrete on the soil which feeds the microbes below. Naturally, the breakdown and build up of nutrients + minerals happen alongside the carbon cycle. With the use of our grasses or cover crops along side with no tillage the organic matter as well as the structure of the soil can improve and more water can be retained - much like a more absorbent sponge. This results are less erosion issues, being able to withstand more erratic weather patterns and the need to apply soil amendments.

We have the pleasure of partnering with a local beekeeper to have hives on our farm. We are able to harvest honey and beeswax while adding the benefits of our buzzing friends. 

Utilizing a zero waste approach, the byproduct of our animals has become an opportunity to honour them nose to tail by creating skin care, sheepskins and other goods for purchase.

As multigenerational farmers, Michael + Lindsay are committed to bettering their farming practices, even when they're significantly different than their predecessors, by going back to basics - modernizing traditional practices. 

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