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Meet the Groot family

Groot family in buckwheat

Michael + Lindsay Groot are born and raised Ontario farm kids. Though they've grown up on conventional farms, they think outside the box utilizing innovative farm practices with a main goal of feeding the community + investing in ecological health.

They work to involve their three children so that they are raised with the knowledge of where food comes from and how it gets to someone's table.

Mike sits on the Boards for The Innovative Farmers of Ontario, The Sheep Farmers of Ontario and the Huron Perth Middlesex Beef Breeders of Ontario. 

He is committed to ongoing education whether done formally or in his free time via books, videos and browsing the internet. He has been the leader in transitioning the farm to an improved regenerative system that is continuously being modified and improved.

Lindsay has been working as a Registered Nurse but, her main focus is being a mother to three children along with the farm marketing and product development.

Together Mike and Lindsay have broken away from the norm in their region to pursue a path of regenerative agriculture and holistic farming practice. It is an ongoing journey of education, trial and error but, they are committed to being transparent and sharing the journey via social media @wholesomepastures 


baby chicks and ducks

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