Free Range Pastured Chicken Eggs

Free Range Pastured Chicken Eggs

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Eggs open for weekly pick up and first come, first served available or join our summer subscription!

How do I get eggs before 1st come 1st served?
1. Show up on a farm store day at opening or,

2. When you make an order for other products ex. meat or skin care, add a note to your order at check out and request the amount of eggs you're seeking. Limited quantities may mean not all requests can be filled but this option helps to get your eggs reserved even ahead of 1st come, 1st served!

Our chickens are free to roam our pastures alongside our cattle and sheep. They sleep in a mobile trailer with access to fresh water and the choice for supplemental feed. 

Happy in their natural habitat doing their preprogrammed chicken things - scratching and eating bugs.


Mixed brown, white, green and blue eggs

12 - $5

30 (flat) - $10

On farm pick up only ________________________________________________________________________

*We allow our birds natural dormancy over the winter.  

*Please note, eggs vary day to day and are a seasonal item.