Lamb Liver

Lamb Liver

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Lamb organ meat is nutritiously dense and an important piece of your diet if you're low on energy! Liver is exceptionally nutritious and is consumed by people as well as used as raw dog food or pet food.

Cook as is or dry it and grind it into powder. There are many options for getting this high quality item in your diet.

This is grass fed + finished lamb born and raised on our farm in Huron County, Ontario.

Our sheep graze our pastures spring - fall munching on green pastures that include cover crops. In the winter, they graze as much as the Northern climate permits and when in our barns for shelter continue eating green fermented bales. 

They are never corn fed. 

We ensure our local brand is just that - as close to home as possible so that we can support our community and neighbours!

Our animals only leave the farm for processing which, is within 15km.

Minimal emissions, maximum taste!

Truly sustainable


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