Peppermint Soap

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Tallow - maybe something you're unfamiliar with but, you'll love!

Rich in vitamins A, D, E + K, antioxidents + more, its properties closely relate to our skin sebum and our body happily accepts it.

Our grass fed + finished tallow oil comes from our farm and is rendered by us. The animal's life is honoured by its use and we strive to reduce waste + keep our carbon footprint minimal, as the animal never travels more than 15km from home. Add on that it is pastured beef with the use of covercrops and no-til, this is as sustainable and local as it gets!

This bar has a bit of extra fun on top and a bit larger than the usual bars.



  • tallow oil
  • castor oil
  • water
  • lye (NaOH)
  • peppermint fragrance oil
  • mica powder



    Each batch is a small batch and hand poured with a lot of love! Colours and visual mat differ slightly from photos

    Community + Environmentally Conscious:
    Each ingredient was sourced as local as possible and within reasonable efforts to support our local community. 

    Although we aim to be consistent, given that it is small batch there may be some variability but we will do our best to have consistency!


    *Our tins and jars are recyclable and we ask that they are either returned to us for cleaning and reuse or placed into the recycling system from your home. 


    *Our products are also based on the turnover of beef we have processed. The more meat we sell - the more skin care we can make! 



    • Tallow is not a prolific lathering oil, please note this prior to purchase