SUBSCRIPTION: Free Range Pastured Eggs 2024

SUBSCRIPTION: Free Range Pastured Eggs 2024

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The beauty of this subscription is that your eggs are guaranteed to you weekly for the specified time frame - our busy egg season!

Our chickens are free to roam our pastures alongside our cattle and sheep. They sleep in a mobile trailer with access to fresh water and the choice for supplemental feed. 

Happy in their natural habitat doing their preprogrammed chicken things - scratching and eating bugs.


Mixed brown, white, green and blue eggs

12/ dozen week @$5.00 

30 / flat week @ $10.00 

June, July and August (14 weeks)


*If you prefer only brown please leave us a note/comment during checkout otherwise, eggs will be packaged as a variety. we do not guarantee colours. 

*Please note, eggs vary day to day and are a seasonal item. We will update our website every Sunday with our egg stock. If you are subscriber, please email us Friday to see if any last minute eggs are available.

*We allow our birds dormancy over the winter. 

*This subscription ends at the described time and no extensions on pick ups will be granted unless discussed in advance. Any items not picked up before the end date are forfeited.

*No items will be carried over into the following season. This subscription is for the year of purchase only.