Whole Pastured Duck

Whole Pastured Duck

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Our pastured ducks are brought to the farm as day olds and raised until they are old and strong enough to survive on pasture. 

We move them across the cover crops and grasses in their open air huts daily to ensure fresh + new eating opportunities. They have constant access to water and feed when they desire them. 

Muscovy duck meat is dark red and is lower in fat than the traditional Pekin duck, but still fatty enough to be decadent, tender and delicious. It's like the “sirloin” of poultry. 

We process our birds at 12 weeks and sell them whole. Muscovy drakes are much larger than the female ducks: Dressed ducks weigh in at 3-5 pounds, drakes are 5-8 pounds.


Pick up on farm

*Cook fast and serve medium rare, or cook slow and serve tender

*Muscovy is easy to overcook when roasting so ensure you check it if new to cooking duck.
*Smaller ducks are delicious smoked! Cover the duck in a basic brine for several days, rinse and allow to dry in the fridge over night, smoke for several hours until the meat reaches 160 degrees.

IMPORTANT: Price is listed as a deposit. We will weigh and provide you with a final invoice via the information you provide at checkout. It is expected to be paid before or at pick up. 

Please check back late winter/early spring for preorders.

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