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  • Conservationist Of The Year Award

    Ausable Bayfield Conservation presents Conservationist of the Year Award, to Michael and Lindsay Groot and family. The Crediton-area family has planted thousands of trees, improved management of runoff and erosion, created wildlife habitat using regenerative farm practices. They have planted over 5.5km of windbreak and continue using cover crops and pasture raised animals.

    Why are healthy soils important? “On our working landscape, healthy soils are extremely important to healthy water and healthy watersheds,” he said. Healthy Soils “hold more water, they filter more water. Of course, there are other benefits to growing food and raising livestock.” He also praised the Groot family for sharing information with peers in the industry through tours at the farm and by speaking at workshops. “I’m not sure how they do it all, but I’m sure it’s because of their passion for the environment and their community and I’m so glad we’re able to recognize their efforts,” he said.